Wine which conoisseurs cherish and respect comes out of mergere of mind, love and natural sources.

»Vino Graben« is internationaly established trademark of top quality wines. Winery is run by Mihela and Janez Šekoranja since 1991, but tradition of wine making itself is in the family for more than 100 years.

Constant education and improvements have shown us that with this kind of conditions there is a lot that can done.
On little over 7 hectares we have some 24 thousand vines. There are around 20 different sorts of vines. This is a good starting-point for harvesting a broad palette of different wines. Today there are more than 120 to be tried.
This broad palette of wines is a paradise for wine-lover and conoisseurs. Everybody can find a wine for themselves.
Despite the fact we offer white, red, dry, sweet, the selection of wine has nearly unlimited potential (autochthon, barique destilled, jellied, desert wine,...

Where ?

Bizeljsko lies in the eastern part of Slovenia, close to Croatian border and only 18 km from Brežice. The village (175 m a.s.l.) is surrounded by hills and it's a part of Bizeljsko – Sremič Wine Region.

Our vineyards lie on two hills which are only 3 km apart, but the the composition of the soil on the two hills is completely different. In »Janeževa gorca« thre is mainly brown soil with some admixture of marl, clay and flintstone. On the Graben property soil is based on flintstone or silicat sand. Thus one can expect that a sort of wine from one vineyard comes out completely different to that same sort from the other vineyard.


What is also special about the Graben property is its amphithetrical shape. It helps acumulate heat. Silicat sands act like spounge witholding moisture. This explains the absence of drought on this property in spite of very high temperatures in the summer time. Another proof for constant presence of water is also the pond in the lowest part of the amphitheatre with continuous afflux of fresh water. In this pond we also have some fish (like carp, tench…). This valley was long known for its ponds (they were known as Castle-ponds).


Bizeljsko region has mostly continental climate with a touch of Panonian climate. This area statisticaly has the highest number of sunny days in Slovenia so it's no coincidence that vines are grown here for centuries. The first who planted vines in this region are supposed to be Romans. Region's very pleasant micro-climate is probably the reason why wine making has been here for so very long.



120 medals, The White House, Alain Doucasse, United Nation's Palace NY, Traminerfest


Globalisation didn't completely avoid our region. We decided to follow new acknowledgments and technologies. For what is worth, together with some bussines partners we also developing some new techologies ourselves (air-decanter, maceration, resveratrol).

Expantion of our Wine-pallete is also not yet concluded. We are focused on specialities which are own or can at least be very rarely obtained anywhere else.


Wine Cellar

Through the “sun-doors“ one enters a deep cellar which represents the heart of our winery, thus here takes place the most important part of the long process of wine-making. It is dug in the silicat sand which provide constant moisture and temperature.



 »Repnice« are underground cellars dug in sand. Many years ago they were used instead of refrigerators for storing crops. Today we use them for storing bottled wine, because constant temperature from 4 – 10 °C and very high moisture (95-98%) provide ideal envirement for wine storing.
What is special about these cellars is that they are more than 12m deep, completely hand-dug and nothing except nature helps them stay as they are. Silicat sand which is a left-over reminder of the Panonic see is what makes this »repnicas« solid.