My name is Aci Urbajs and I’m a member of the Demeter association in Slovenia  since 1999.

My vineyards extend on the southern side of the hill Rifnik in the very steep hilly Kozjansko region.This region has very interesting historical background. The hill Rifnik where I started with vine-growing is archaeologically well known. When we were renewing an abandoned wine yard on Rifnik, we found remains of an old civilisation (old Celtic tomb-urn).


This event was a kind of reminder and influenced my philosophy. The archaeological find of  a roman door post with the ornament of vine shows us, that the wine-growing on Rifnik has long tradition and we have to take care of the nature to enable the farming also in the future.

This thinking brought me first to organic farming, but few years later I came along the bio-dynamic method. I appreciate this method very much because spraying my vines with herb teas enables to reduce cooper and sulphur at minimum.


My wines

First line are top quality wines made from bio-dynamic grapes ( late vintages, grape assortments, ice wine…). Grapes are harvested on late autumn, so that sugar and extract in the grapes are high. Fermentation is natural without artificial yeast and other additives. On the end of the fermentation I carefully add small level of sulphur (my total sulphur is 30 to 60 mg/l, allowed 250 mg/l) to keep wine fresh and fruity. Unfermented sugar smoothes the taste and the gentle flower at the end determines the grape variety: Riesling, Chardonnay, Kerner, Pinot Grey. This vigilance care has preserved the own life stile of the wines.


Second line is extra organic wine, which ripens on the wine lees without sulphur. This is an ancient, natural method. I’ve got the idea about such method when thinking about how the bio-dynamic method could be brought into the cellar.

I use planet chart to determine when I have to turn round wine with wine less. Wines dry with fundamental taste.

All my wines are ripened in huge oak casks. I produce 6000 to 8000 bottles per year. Price range is from 15 to 60 Euro.


It is my desire to bring these virtues of nature, hallowed ground and my energy into your yard. I would like to offer my wines to people who know and understand bio-dynamic or other organic methods and who would appreciate my efforts and my philosophy.

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