Orange Wines, The Fine New Old Tradition 


Last week the NRC paper published an elaborate article on them. Wines lists all over are starting to carry orange wines slowly. During the Gastronomy/Fine Food Professional, on November the 5th at Elicium of the Amsterdam Rai, there will be a lot attention on The Orange Wine Revolution. This is organized by The Wine & Food Association together with Marijana Siljeg, from The Orange Wine Club, in cooperation with I Feel Slovenia. 


On Sunday the 4th between 15:00 and 18:00 we will give a little taste to consumers in restaurant Pollevie, of chef Martin Berkelmans in 's Hertogenbosch.


Unique smells and tastes

Orange wines might sound like a strange modern invention, but it's one of the most traditional methods of winemaking. There are no usual additions used here. Partly because of this you will find smells and tastes that are not usual for normal white wines. Orange wines are in the middle: they have the liveliness and energy of white wine, but also the body and complexity of red wine. All over the world orange wines receive attention this year, with events from New York City, Vienna and Adelaide to London. 

Not only producers of orange wines and slow food from different Mid-, Eastern and Southern European countries will be present. Also the famous chefs Bledar Kola from slow food restaurant Mullixhia in Tirana, Albania and Janez Bretovz from restaurant JB in Ljubljana, Slovenia will join and cook for us on the 5th of November. You can come and try their pairing yourself. Kola has previously worked at Pied a Terre, Noma, La Gavroche en Faviken, just to name a few. 
You can try more slow food at the DeliCroatia and Karti Tartufi stands. Furthermore there will be various tastings throughout the day of wines from different countries at the Orange Wine Revolution Theater. But you can also meet the producers, their passions, regions and background stories yourself. 

Sunday November the 4th:
Consumer tasting Orange Wine Revolution
Location: restaurant Pollevie, Hofvijver 2B in 's-Hertogenbosch
Do you want to be present on the 4th of November at The Orange Wine Revolution in 'sHertogenbosch?
For more information and application please contact us by phone on 073-518 4646 or on

Monday November the 5th:
Gastronomy-Fine Food Professional / The Orange Wine Revolution
Location: Elicium, RAI Amsterdam, Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam
Do you want to be present on the 5th of November at The Orange Wine Revolution?
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During the Gastronomy-Fine Food Professional a diverse program will be presented, with tastings, masterclasses, presentations and competitions. A complete overview will soon be available at