Franco Terpin and the Collio

Azienda Agricola Franco Terpin

In the rinowned area of Collio, in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), on the border of Slovenia, Azienda Agricola Franco Terpin cultivates his ten-hectare vineyard. In these lands, always managed by his family, since his childhood Franco Terpin has seen these grapevines to grow and they saw him to grow up as well. It led him to produce wines like him: definites, stricts but sunnies in the expression and original in the style.
The symbiosis with this location inspires a philosophy of production with values like affection and respect for these surroundings, for the nature and for the wine. The whole production is made in natural way: without insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers, in pristine conditions, far from the daily agitation and pollution.
One of the oldest grapevines of the company is a Tocai from 1953. In 2005 started the production of Orange Wine: wines fermented with the skins and indigenous yeast, bottled without clarifications and filtrations.
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In 2015 Franco Terpin has decided to create Giftterwine, a Wine Shop Online that wants to offer the possibility to find a special gift for a special event, making available the stocks of his most esteemed wines from year 1999 until 2011.
It can be the birth of a son, a marriage, the start of an activity or any important event, Giftterwine offers access to a limited number of bottles of wine for every year and to an elegant unique GiftterBox made of two-hundred-year-old chestnut wood, which is available in four sizes: 1, 2, 3 or 6 bottles packaging.




The winemaking process

The whole process starts with the vineyard care, made manually in all of his parts, until the grape maturation. The harvest is carried out with the support of the family in serenity and tranquility, so that everything comes about with pleasure and respect for the nature, which is able to perceive every emotion.
After the harvest there is a short maceration of the grape skins with the inoculum of spontaneous yeasts, which contributes a fermentation neither forced nor controlled. Afterwards first the product is placed in oak barrels for a whole year, where it remains on his yeast, and after it is moved in a tub for the cleaning and the natural settling for another year.
Finally, the wine is bottled, without clarifications, stabilizers and filtrations, and remains at rest for another year before being ready.




Il Collio

The Collio, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, north-east of Italy, is a beautiful borderland between Slovenia, Austria, the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea, framed by the rivers Isonzo and Judrio.
It is an area that in the history has seen the boundaries several times to move, leading him to become a land full of charm and history, a reality of multiple ethnic groups: Friulian, Slovenian, Austrian, everything converges giving originality and particularity to the local food and wine.
The landscape of the Collio is characterized by rolling hills, with extensive forests and vineyards, where you can breathe peace and tranquility surrounded by nature. The mild climate that characterizes the Collio makes it a perfect location for viticulture and the soil, composed of marl and stratified sandstone, gives proper nourishment of minerals to the vines, which subserves the creation of high quality wines.