We continue the work of our family and cultivate 5 ha of vineyards in Brda, region blessed with excellent grape growing conditions in the west part of Slovenia. The vineyards are located on steep slopes, at an altitude of 180 m, with s and sw exposure. We grow our vineyards in organic way, with common sense, care and respect for nature.

In the wine cellar we follow our idea of natural wine where nature has been left to take its course. Wine is produced without additives, chemistry and invasive technologies. We like to explore the rich local winemaking tradition made of long macerations and spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeasts and at the same time seek new challenges. But above all we try to pursue our goal that is to produce genuine wine that inspires emotions, tells about our land and about us.

Certified organic by IKC UM Maribor, Slovenia, CP-008

Visit us and enjoy the beautiful vista that extends over a mosaic of vineyards, orchards and little villages and stretches over Italy's friuli as far as to the sea. We love to share with you our thoughts about nature, our wine, the treats on the table and cosy rooms Come and discover the magic of Brda, it's rich flavours, the luxury of peace, and much more.





In the wine cellar we follow our idea of natural wine where nature has been left to take its course. The wines are full-bodied, complex, and never uniform, without unnecessary additives and invasive technologies. They tell about our land and about us. With the same philosophy we produce also our spirits and liqueurs.
We are members of the VinNatur association. You can find more about the philosophy and work of the association on www.vinnatur.org/en