Mladen Rožanić  

After years of travelling and numerous visits to the most famous wine regions where he acquired precious knowledge, Mladen decided to devote himself to wine production and winegrowing.

Fifteen years ago during the collaboration and association with well-respected French viticulturists and winemakers in the Rhone river valley, the love for wine that smouldered in Mladen Rožanić for a long time became a true passion and gave birth to a vision of wine dream in Istria.


In a four-year period, we planted 23 hectares of vineyards situated on the west Istrian winegrowing hills near Višnjan on locations Bačva and Bušure. This region is ideal for winegrowing thanks to its climatic and geological conditions. In addition, a 900 m2 wine cellar was built in Kosinožići.



Our approach to wine



The Roxanich wines are made of autochthonous and internationally recognized grape varieties, all in accordance with the highest ecological standards.


We process our grapes exclusively with natural devices because we believe that it is the only right way towards the creation of a truly high-quality and healthy wine. Our vineyards are cultivated by methods that follow traditional cultivation techniques, with crop control and minimal use of technology. During the production of our wines, we apply only ancient methods used by winemakers of antiquity. Any technological, as well as mechanical and chemical intervention is excluded. The grape material is stored in specially shaped barrels, ancient vats of 55 to 70 hectolitres capacity where the maceration and alcoholic fermentation take place.

After the pressing and first decanting, the wine is stored in the previously mentioned vats and casks of 35 hectolitres (or 600, 500 and 225 litres) capacity where it is kept to age for three years. The rich structure, unique aroma and full body that characterize our wine require special care and a long maturation period in the cellar.

Before being bottled  the wine must age in wooden casks for three years. After the bottling, the wine will continue to age in our cellar and then it will be launched on the market. Thanks to this procedure and the blessing of our patron St. Anthony, to whom a chapel in our vineyard is dedicated, our wine achieves such excellence.

The devotees of sophisticated tastes, rich and recognizable bouquet, strong character, all the lovers of wine that has the imprint of the Istrian sun and red soil can enjoy the honest Roxanich wines from November 2008 when the first three wines, Teran 2005, Teran Re 2005 and Merlot 2005 came out of our cellar and made their first appearance on the market.