Home Cooking and Organic Wine in the Heart of Goriška Brda


The Klinec Inn from Medana combines the traditional hospitality of the Goriška Brda region with the offer of a modern, family restaurant: organic wines from our own cellar, gourmet enjoyment of seasonal, locally produced homemade food and the picturesque landscape of Goriška Brda, which is full of natural and cultural sites of interest.

Centuries of living and working in harmony with nature has taught us that the best things are simple and that one has to make time for them. Thus, we always serve our guests dishes made with fresh ingredients, prepared drawing inspiration from the Goriška Brda tradition and enriched with selected top quality wines.


Medana - Villa de Mandan – is a very old settlement. It was first mentioned in the historical records in 610. However, the history of winegrowing and winemaking in this area is even older, it dates back to ancient Greece, which had colonies in this region, and later to the age of Romans who supplied the surrounding cities with wine originating here.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the territory of Goriška Brda passed into the hands of the Patriarch of Aquileia and the Counts of Gorizia and the land was worked for them by tenant farmers - koloni. Tenant farmers were obliged to give a large part of their produce to their masters. Later, some of the koloni attained independence and formed their own farms. As the number of such independent farmers was increasing, the resulting competition forced individuals to acquire a more thoughtful approach to winegrowing and winemaking.

Undoubtedly deserving credit for the increasing quality in this industry in Medana were also the Jesuits. In the monastery, which was active until 1773 when the Jesuit order was disbanded, they had their own wine college called Jordanum, which transferred its knowledge and techniques to other winemakers in the village.

During the reign of Maria Theresa and Joseph II, a classification of winegrowing areas in the Habsburg Monarchy was introduced. The area of the then County of Gorizia was divided into ten quality categories depending on the quality of the wine produced in individual villages. Medana was classified in the first category and the winegrowers and winemakers in the village still uphold the high standards today.

The Klinec family has been engaging in winegrowing and winemaking in Medana since 1918.



Our wine is made from grapes that we produce organically in our own vineyards. We pick the grapes manually and transport them to our cellar. Here, the vinification process starts. Grape berries are separated from the stems, placed in vessels together with juice and left for the indigenous yeast to trigger fermentation. The latter is carried out spontaneously, in contact with the grapes and takes from 5 to 30 days.

After maceration, the grapes are pressed and decanted so that the alcoholic and malo-lactic fermentation is completed in traditional wooden barrels. Wines on lees - deposits that remain at the bottom of the barrel after the alcoholic fermentation ends - mature for two to three years in traditional barrels made of the wood of acacia, mulberry, wild cherry or oak.

Depending on the volumes, which range from 300 to 2000 litres, the barrels also traditionally have various names: kalater, golber, štartin and baton.

When the wines mature, they are decanted into stainless steel vessels so that they stabilize and clarify. At this point, they are protected with sulphur for the first time. Wine is bottled after a few months of resting, without filtration and with a very low sulphur content. This procedure gives the wine a rich and unique taste, without objectionable additives.



The delicacies with which we pamper our guests are inspired by traditional recipes, tested in the kitchens of our grandmothers and made from home or local produce that was grown in the fertile soil of Goriška Brda. Our inn often carries the smell of minestrone (briška mineštra), homemade dry meat products, white polenta and pršutov toč (fried prosciutto and wine) and every season we treat the guests to seasonal specialities: wild asparagus, cultivated asparagus and a unique celery soup. For the guests, we preserve the flavours born under the summer sun of Goriška Brda for the whole year in homemade vinegars and cold-pressed olive oil.

In the gentle sunny weather, of which there is an abundance in Goriška Brda, we serve our guests on a sunny terrace with a view of the Medana vineyards. And when the Bora wind is blowing, we invite them to warm themselves next to a traditional Goriška Brda fireplace in the pub or to take time and pamper their taste buds in our dining room.

The Klinec inn warmly welcomes larger, announced groups and individual guests that stop by, intentionally or by chance, to clear their head or gather strength for exploring the beauty of Goriška Brda.