ROGASKA handmade production

The Rogaska Crystal products are unique, timeless, and beautiful


Rogaska Crystal is a world recognized luxury brand of high quality lead crystal stemware, barware and crystal gifts and art pieces.

Rogaska designs objects that go above and beyond the everyday. Their products bring balance between functionality and aesthetics. Rogaska dares to influence and shape the feelings of the user with each item they make. Rogaska is aware of the lasting beauty that crystal possesses and therefore Rogaska items are excellent gifts and collectibles for people who can appreciate the value, beauty, culture and art of each piece.

Rogaska fosters and continues traditional manual glassmaking skills as they do not want to see the extinction of this profession and activity. Today's impact of modern technologies of manufacturing and designing crystal products dictates its own requirements. Steklarna Rogaska adapts its development, design and products to the demands of the market which it helps create through years of experience. 


Set 90 Degrees

€ 300,00

Set 90 Degrees

€ 300,00

90 Degres decanter + 2 glasses 

Decanter ;
H= 398 mm          
B= 121 mm

H=90 mm
B=90 mm

Rogaska Footed Bowl

h=269 mm

Ø=380 mm

H- 242 mm
B-113 mm 
630 ml 
Verpakking 2 stuk

H- 218 mm

B- 102 mm

450 ml

Verpaking 2 stuk

G Decanter

€ 145,00

G Decanter

€ 145,00

Characteristics: The G-Decanter is an innovatory device made of high quality crystal glass, Ba-crystal glass, three times hand-blown. Due to a special temperature treatment, it has a rough-dispersed surface and in connection with that fact a higher ability to condensate the undesired smells.


Size: H 15" W 8 1/2"The modern way to decanter your red wine. This crystalline (does not contain lead) decanter is the perfect accent and conversation piece to your table. Sommelier approved with the perfect air flow for your wine.

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