OREŠNIK - Biologische kaas Lovrenc ca 400 gr

€ 19,00

OREŠNIK - Organic cheese Lovrenc ca 400 gr

Lovrenc organic soft cheese is made from raw sheep and goat milk.


Cheese farmer Orešnik

We are a farm that came out of nowhere more than twenty-five years ago. It arose from a desire for freedom, contact with nature and a desire to spend more time with family.

Day after day, we left our beautiful village at dawn and returned at dusk. We have recognized agriculture as a path to nature and to ourselves.

In 1991, we bought our first goats, rented steep hills in our hometown that no one wanted to cultivate, and got to work; at first we only produced milk for our family.

In 1993 we bought the first herd and in 1998 we registered the milk processing. We learned the first steps in the Netherlands and then we learned our cheese making all over Europe. Our work was most influenced by the French, both the variety of their cheeses and the production of cheeses from raw milk.


We, dear customers, want to offer you the best of milk; natural, tasty and healthy. Using an invisible flock of bacteria, yeast and milk fungi, we create cheeses with different flavors, smells, textures and shapes from "Easter to Christmas": unique wonders of nature, human hands, mind and heart.


Our guideline is: only the best is good enough.


Ecologically, in an environmentally friendly way

milk is produced and processed according to the principles of organic farming. Our meadows are full of flowers and plants. Most of them have never come into contact with fertilizers and pesticides; a wealth that few possess. Our milk, yogurts and cheeses carry the flavor and aroma of our pastures because we don't add or subtract anything from the milk.

Healthy animals, flowering plants and careful production of cheeses from raw milk are a guarantee of the excellent taste of our cheeses, which is recognized by many, including the chefs of renowned Slovenian restaurants and inns.