Hand-cut homemade Slovenian prosciutto - 120 gr

€ 10,00

Hand-cut Slovenian prosciutto 120 gr

100% free of artificial additives.

This prosciutto comes straight from the Vipava Valley in Slovenia. The piglet Krškopoljski was born and raised on Rajcevi's farm.
The meat is only seasoned with sea salt and dried in the wind. This prosciutto has never been kept refrigerated. It hangs in the Rajcevi cellar until the last moment. According to tradition, we cut the prosciutto exclusively by hand to preserve the original taste.

Ripe prosciutto is a combination of nature and human knowledge. Prosciutto from Krškopoljski pig is a healthy product, it contains little salt and little fat, it is full of vitamins (group B, folic acid) and minerals. The protein composition is even better than that of fresh meat, because fresh meat loses many vitamins during cooking. It contains a high content of oleic acid.