Pet-nat 2019 - GORDIA

€ 18,00

Andrej Cep produces two sparkling wines, a white and rosé from refoška and just under a third of merlot. On the sunny slopes between Ankaran and Hrvatina, organically grown grapes for sparkling wine are picked a little earlier. Refošk and merlot are vinified to white, ie without maceration, and during fermentation the must carefully be monitored and the sugar level controled. When there is still about 20 grams of unrecovered sugar per liter, the must is bottled and closed with a crown stopper. The fermentation continues in bottles, the wine is ready for sale in half a year. Before opening, there are two options: to shake the bottle and spread the sediment over the wine, or to open it and most of the sediment will be in the last glass. In the glass, therefore, the wine is either clear or cloudy, a delicate cherry color. It foams strongly, the bubbles are medium-sized and intense. In the mouth, the wine is fruity, with cherries, sour cherries and plums with a slight hint of herb and biscuit notes. In the mouth, the wine is dry, fruity and pleasantly refreshing. It will be great as an aperitif with a toast just like that.

Vintage: 2019
Ecological production
Sorts and method: refošk and merlot
Natural sparkling wine
Volume: 0.75 L

Origin - Slovenia