"Orange wines are not a trend. On the contrary, they are wines like they have been made for ages. With time they got lost in a sea of hypes and now they are even considered a rarity.Thanks to winemakers who did not follow trends and kept cultivating their wineyards with respect for nature and humans, the ancient ways have been saved until today. Just as they have begun their renaissance." 


The Orange Wine Club is an international wine club of small winemakers and lovers of orange and natural wines. 
We are specialized in orange wines: natural wines, without any or as little as possible additives. In addition we also organize wine tastings and we do catering for individuals and companies. 

 The story of The Orange Wine Club is all about the strong connection between nature and humans. We handpick every wine ourselves, not just because it’s recommended by sommeliers.


Our criteria are very strict:

- The wines come from wineyards owned by the actual winemaker

- Biodynamical agriculture

- Handpicked harvest

- All wines are made with native, wild yeasts

- No additives (like acid, tannins, dyes) excluding SO2

- No filtration

- Total SO2 max 60 mg/l



Our winemakers are artists, eccentric and hard working people. They didn’t study the art of making wine, nor do they have a recipe for it. They take risks and their believe is that wine is actually made by nature itself, with just a little help of mankind. 

Nature determines the taste of the wine, that’s why natural wines will always taste differently. Every biodynamic wine producer knows beforehand that the harvest can’t be successful each year. But each year the grapevines leave a sign, predicting what to expect for the next harvest. Like a mother that takes care of her children’s future, a grapevine will warn his producer by leaving a mark so they know how to prepare for it. That's why every wine we pick is authentic and a reflection of their terroir. 

We look at our wines as if they are from another dimension and want them to remain special. So we will only work with people who have the same believes as we do. We follow our gut feeling and only sell to individuals or restaurants with owners who look after the quality and diversity of their wines and food.


We also believe the distance between nature and humans is getting bigger every day. People don’t take enough care of their bodies and minds. We eat and drink too fast and too often we do it alone. We would like to see people getting together, to eat, drink and talk. We have to educate ourselves about the food we eat, where it comes from and how to recognize a natural product. We have to stop buying mass production and products that claim to be biological without further questions. Only this way younger generations can be motivate to go back to farms and continue the production of our food the same way our parents and grandparents did to safe this craft for our children.