A Tasting  Of  Skin  Contact  Wines  And  Artisan  Food


July 21st, a spontaneous wine tasting with Restaurant Fabus in Amsterdam
with a dynamic selection of Kabaj wines. 


" Our wines represent our home and mostly ourselves. The followed philoposophy is very simple, producing wines based on our taste in order to even present them to others, mostly focusing the attention on nature, vineyards and soil. All types of wine age in French barrels for at least a year, followed by months of ageing in bottles, where the wine elaborate its taste. The specialty of our estate and for those searching for something unique is Amfora, wine made in Qvevri. It originates in Georgia, the cradle of viticulture. The winery was four times selected among top 100 wineries in the world by the elite American Magazine, Wine & Spirits, confirming our passion to winemaking. " 



Accompanied with Italian cheese of Gregorio Rotolo, Bio Agriturismo Valle Scannese


" Working in close contact with nature made us understand the real importance of its protection. Hearing every day news and data on the environmental crisis of how the incorrect management of natural resources is creating imbalances, made us really reflect. We are producers, farmers, breeders, we feel this change under our feet, in our hands and we experience it every day. LATERRA SI REBELLA is our way of reacting and informing, our way of helping other producers to do things well respecting creation." 




... hand sliced prosciutto made from free range pork, freshly baked focaccia and more 


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