23 Chefs. 31 Michelin Stars.

This summer, DINNER AT THE PARC returns to PARC BROEKHUIZEN with a spectacular culinary harvest that features master chefs from all corners of the world. A unique event not to be missed!

4 Days of Summer Magic

PARC BROEKHUIZEN’s own maestros ROBERT POEL, THOMAS DIEPERSLOOT and signature Chef JACOB JAN BOERMA will be joined by 20 of the world’s most distinguished chefs, including Pascal Barbot, Joachim Wissler, Paolo Casagrande, Jannis Brevet, Dieter Koschina, Shaun Hergatt, Sidney Schutte, Erik van Loo, Jan Sobecki, Jarno Eggen, Michel van der Kroft, Roger van Damme, David Garcia, Richard van Oostenbrugge, Kimberly Lallouz, Stéphanie Audet, Olivier Vigneault, and Canada’s Chef of the Year Joël Watanabe


Unique Wine Sensations & ‘Proefschrift’

Enjoy a tasting featuring a variation of unique Vins Naturels, Orange Wines and wines from Jerez, as an introduction to the top 3 rosé wines of the world. Wine Professional 2018 and Gastronomie 2017 reveal the best food & wine harmonisations at ‘Proefschrift’